Build Your Own Business.

Build Your Own Brand.

First Heartland ® Capital, Inc. is dedicated to offering the tools for financial advisors and insurance professionals to start their own successful independent practice. We aren't just a broker dealer: we're your partner.

It's Time to Stop Procrastinating

If you're like many investment advisors, you likely started off learning the tools of the trade from a larger investment firm. While these bigger firms do help teach you the ropes, you will quickly learn that your potential is handicapped regardless of your success.

Our proven system is designed to help investment and insurance advisors seamlessly start their own practice. By offering everything from assistance creating a business plan, to tools that create a paperless office, fewer redundancies, management of client assets, increased transparency, and the development of new sales and revenue streams, you can feel confident that your new business will succeed.

At some point or another, you have probably considered how starting your own practice could offer a freedom and income potential that just doesn't exist when you are locked into working for someone else. At First Heartland® Capital, our goal is to minimize the risk of starting your own business and help it grow

Build Value Over Time:

While working for a larger firm offers a certain level of comfort, there are many advantages to being a business owner, including the ability to build something of value. This gives you the opportunity to sell or transfer your business at will, which can help when the time comes to retire (or if you've built enough value in the business that you can sell it and retire early). Compare that to working for a big firm, where you are often left with nothing when you leave after years of hard work.

"Office in a Box":

First Heartland® Capital makes it simple to start your own practice. With online systems that allow you to manage your work space from anywhere, you can start with a small office or even work out of your home! Our team has experience helping agents with everything from commercial leasing to staffing, so you will always have a partner to help guide you through the process.

Modern Workflow Tools:

Let's face it: paperwork should be a thing of the past. At First Heartland® Capital, we introduced Docupace, a secure online workflow system that simplifies the wealth management process. With features like a forms library, e-signature, the ability to print, sign, and upload files, and then track documents through the process, Docupace helps create more transparency while significantly reducing redundancies such as double entry.

Earn up to 92% Payout:

Many advisors do not even realize how much potential revenue they are leaving on the table at the bigger firm. With your own independent practice, you have the potential to increase you revenue up to 84%.

Typically Few Lost Clients:

While some advisors may hesitate to leave a large firm and their stable of long-term clients for fear of losing them, in our experience, that is not often the case. If you have developed a personal relationship with your clients and have provided solid returns, you may be surprised how little it matters where you work - the loyalty is with the advisor.

Now is the Time for Action:

If you have been on the fence about starting your own insurance or wealth management firm, now is your chance to let an experienced team help you make that dream a reality. There are a million reasons not to do something. But if you want independence and freedom in your practice, let First Heartland® Capital help you achieve your goals.

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